Client Reviews

Here are what previous clients had to say about our sessions together:

The car accident I had in July 2019 was traumatic for me. A large camper-van indicated to turn into a junction I was pulling out of, I pulled out but the camper-van continued onward at a higher speed than I'd thought, and crushed the driver's side of my car. The crash involved a particular moment of not being able to find my dog who had been in the rear seats.

I experience flashbacks even when driving. It had affected my confidence. I felt scared and really anxious. This caused a lot of distress whenever I was in a car.

After EMDR in July 2020:
Since EMDR I experienced huge improvements. No flash backs, no intrusive thoughts and no feelings of distress when recalling the crash. I did a 5 hour drive across the country and even going on unmade roads was not a problem. If I now see a car accident I have a normal feeling of sadness for the drivers. It's a non issue I am really pleased.
From the moment I contacted James to seek help I felt assured I had taken the right step. Had no idea what I was going to get out of counselling. Talking to a professional in a relaxed and quiet environment I felt I could open up, was being listened to and asked the right questions to help me, make me think about my issues from a different view point. Nothing was rushed and over the sessions I experienced what I would describe as having a weight lifted off my mind, felt I was getting better. Was amazed at what I experienced and know it was the right thing to do and can use the things I learnt about myself to continue my well being going forwards.
I think the biggest benefit to me of counselling is that I understand myself a lot better. I don't think I really knew myself before. As a result I have a much better outlook on life, and my work/life balance has definitely improved.
(9 sessions)
A safe place where you can talk openly and honestly about the issues. A professional who will challenge all the pre conceived notions that one has about their situation and enables you to realise how to make things better.
M.N. (10 sessions)
These session have helped me in many ways. In summary, I can recommend them for the following reasons:
-convenient appointment times and location
-the fact that I was given any expectations. The sessions followed at the right pace for me and I did not feel any pressure to progress any faster that I did.
-the structure is coherent.I did not expect to dig back into my childhood, but it was a revelation to discover that sense of the patterns of my thoughts stemmed from there
-there is no shame to having these sessions and James is a nice guy.
B.I. (10 sessions)
These are the Goals I achieved 1. I got back to work 2. Reduced stress and Anxiety 3. Reduced physical Symptoms 4. Improved Self confidence and self-esteem
On Depression I went from 7 out of 10 in the first session (where 10 is severe current problem) down to 1(where 1 is minimal)
On Anxiety and Stress I went from 9 out of 10 down to 0
On Self esteem I went 7/8 out of 10 down to 2
On Anger I went from 5 out of 10 down to 1
With work I went from 9/10 out of 10 down to 0
With Physical problems I went from 3/4 out of 10 down to 0
I found working with James a safe environment where you can discuss your problems/issues and ways to deal with or control them.
K.L. (12 Sessions)
Counselling can feel scary and difficult. You are sharing your inner secrets with effectively a stranger. Having attended my sessions the one thing that struck me the most is I never found it difficult to speak and speak honestly. In fact the most amazing thing is one feels very comfortable and the changes that can take place are overwhelming positive and I can not recommend enough for others to experience. Society puts a stigma on counselling which is unfounded and clearly only supported by those who have not had the courage to experience of counselling. We all need to share our feelings no matter how much we think we are in control.
B.U. (11 Sessions)
I am very surprised at the difference it has made. You may expect from counselling as I did:
-How to recognise and cope with negative thoughts and stress in 'the best way'
-find an inner strength to cope with situations that you thought might not be possible
-understand yourself better and how you can emerge mentally strong from all kinds of adverse situations - more in control of emotions
-Lots of self-realisation and awareness
-Reduce immediate stress/ panic/ anxiety about work situation
-learning how to enjoy things that should be enjoyed
-How to manage emotions and be calmer
-Able to have clearer thoughts and purposes about various aspects of life- work and social
-May be a tough process but worth it in the end!
M.Z. (10 sessions)
Counselling allows you to freely express your thoughts, emotions and dreams. And explore how they can be developed to the benefit of yourself and others.
It is hard for some people to accept they need counselling but the relief after coming, even after the first session. You feel a weight lifting off your shoulders. Friendly face and warm inviting environment. The comfort in getting any problems out is a really good feeling.
Counselling is never easy to begin with. Sharing personal and emotional information can be daunting. However once done, it can be a huge relief. There is a process involved and it does not happen quickly. Every person and every situation is different, so don't expect to be labelled or branded with a condition. The stigma attached to counselling can be negative. However, I have found this positive and energising in all parts of my life, work, home, general enthusiasm ect. Stress and pain can come at any time. However being able to deal with it, brings you back in control.
B.W. (10 Sessions)
You can expect an open, friendly and responsive meeting from James. I was worried about opening up and that I would make a joke of myself, partly because I didn't realise that I was being a thorn in my own side. Through the weeks that passed James allowed me to open my heart in full comfort, which in turn allowed me to begin to work out how I could help myself. It's through these open conversations that I realised that I already had the main tools to succeed,James just gave me the confidence to use them. All in all James has made me, me again.
Going for counselling can be daunting, and having made the decision I wasn't sure what to expect. James put me totally at ease from the start, enabling me to find clarity on what I was looking to achieve out of the sessions, and creating a counselling environment where I felt safe to talk about some difficult and long-standing issues. I worked with James for a number of months - he never rushed or pressurized me in any way, but there was also a sense in which he wouldn't allow me simply to sit there feeling sorry for myself; the sessions were always very constructive, no matter how difficult the subject matter was at times. As the weeks went by, I began to feel much stronger in myself, able to stand on my own two feet again, and that my self-esteem was better than it had been in years. Indeed, I was able to make some very positive changes in my life as a result of our work. Looking back, however daunting it might have felt at first, I am so glad that I took the decision to work with James, and cannot recommend him highly enough.
I started counselling with James when I was at a very low point following career difficulties and redundancy. I had a lot of issues to address, mainly around lack of self esteem and anger management. For a while I had been considering counselling but only actually jumped in when things really reached rock bottom. I couldn't really make progress via talking to my wife and friends, and felt too embarrassed as well.
In short, three months of visiting James every week really helped me turn things round. James really gives you the space to talk and puts you at ease. He is an excellent listener, and his non-directive approach allows you to figure out the solutions for yourself and see things more clearly. He has helped me put my anxieties into context and seek potential causes from various critical points in my life - but his ultimate focus is on the here and now, and how to make things better for the future. He listens, gently probes and makes suggestions, and we developed tactics and strategies to help me change long-term patterns of negative behaviour.
6 months on, life is going much better, and much of this is directly due to how James has helped me to modify my outlook and behaviour in a more positive direction. I would very much recommend him to anyone who needs some support and counselling, for whatever reason, at any stage in their life.
A space where you can express yourself freely and feel heard. James' insights are useful in helping you to find ways to deal with upsetting situations and take more control over what is happening.
Overall I've found these counselling sessions very helpful in overcoming issues that were impacting on my life. With help I have been able to directly face my problems and make plans for the future. I felt completely at ease with James and I believe this has greatly helped the whole process.
You need to be willing to be totally honest and open about your problems. It can be hard at first and quite emotional. But with time it will get easier. You will learn so much about yourself and your life and understand why you are sitting on that chair and how you will see that light at the end of the dark tunnel. Sometimes just talking to someone you dont know who will not judge you is all you need to move forward to the life you are meant to lead.
G.E. (8 Sessions)
A quiet and free space to think, and allow new perspectives to surface.
Q.D. (11 sessions)
When your stuck in a dark place with no obvious way out, and your no longer able to see or feel objectively, counselling can help you "turn the light on" and give you the tools to make your own way out. Helps you regain outlook and make plans.
M.I. (12 sessions)
I strongly believe that everybody at some point in their lives, needs to speak to a professional. Having someone who is unbiased, trained, and intelligent to offer feedback and insight is very important. James is a very laid-back, professional listener. He guides conversation quite skilfully, and really gives you time to express yourself, but also reflect on the things you've expressed. I would highly recommend counselling to anyone, in any walk of life.
E.T. (10 sessions)