Work Problems

We spend a large part of our life in the work place and at certain times there is so much that could make us unhappy. Work-related stress accounts for six million days of sick leave each year. Work-related problems can create a dread of getting up in mornings going into to work and may lead to feeling depressed, anxious and also undermine relationships. These are some of the reasons men and women experience stress and frustration and have come to see me:

* New job role * Feeling overwhelmed with the work * Unable to concentrate at work because of
* Loss of confidence * Not being appreciated for your work * Disciplinary proceedings
* Difficulties being a manager * Department changes * Grievance procedures
* Difficulties with a manager * Unable to switch off from work * Threat of redundancy
* Being bullied by colleague or manager * Made to feel inadequate

Depending on the issue and self beliefs we look at what needs to be worked on. The list on this web site under the heading of Depression describes the Negative thinking that often applies in this area. Generally there is also a need to look at the work life balance if you are not able to switch off from work. For some we lose the ability to relax and avoid time for ourselves.

I started counselling with James when I was at a very low point following career difficulties and redundancy. I had a lot of issues to address, mainly around lack of self esteem and anger management. For a while I had been considering counselling but only actually jumped in when things really reached rock bottom. I couldn't really make progress via talking to my wife and friends, and felt too embarrassed as well.