Death of a loved one

Clients have asked how long am I going to feel like this but everyone is different. Some feel overwhelmed and extremely distressed others stuck and there is a need to talk through their emotions. Sometimes there is a feeling of being isolated as others around them do not understand or have moved on. Though there is no set pathway for grief, it has been theorised that some distinct stages may be discernable in the bereaved. The Kubler-Ross model of grief, which developed after Elizabeth Kubler-Ross investigated this cycle in many grieving individuals, describes grief as a five stage process. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are all stages identified by Kubler-Ross. However, this does not mean that all bereaved individuals will experience all stages, that all stages will be experienced in the same way, or that all stages will be experienced in the same order. This model may help others make sense of grief, but those who are bereaved should be concerned only with what they are feeling and how they are coping - not with fitting a theoretical model.

When your stuck in a dark place with no obvious way out, and your no longer able to see or feel objectively , counselling can help you " turn the light on" and give you the tools to make your own way out. Helps you regain outlook and make plans.