About Counselling

From childhood through to late adulthood, there are certain times when we all need help addressing problems and issues that may cause us emotional distress or make us feel overwhelmed. When you are experiencing these types of difficulties, you may benefit from the assistance of an experienced, trained professional. As a Professional counsellor I offer the caring, expert assistance that is often needed during these stressful times. A counsellor can help you identify the causes of your distress and assist you in finding the best ways to cope with the situation by changing behaviours that contribute to the problem or by finding constructive ways to deal with a situation that is beyond your personal control. Professional counsellors offer help in addressing many situations that cause emotional stress.

What are the benefits of counselling?

  • Counsellors may offer a supportive and caring relationship in which you can explore any issue at your own pace.
  • You are accepted for who you are.
  • It can help you see difficulties more objectively.
  • It can help you express your feelings and come to terms with new or past experiences.
  • It can be part of a growing process whereby unwanted feelings can be changed.
  • It can build self esteem.
  • It can help you take control of your life and become more assertive.
  • It can improve communication.
  • It can help you to become more realistic in setting goals.